What are your honest thoughts on my customized GAP boyfriend-cut denims? I was going for a knee-pads-revamped-for-the-night, perhaps?

That great time of year is here again. Alexander Wang will be collaborating with H&M this November. Can you guys keep it together for another 6 months? I promise to try!

What to expect? Blacks, whites, denims, and a subtle blue palette.
What I hope to see? Wanging shoes and cool logo tops
When? November 6, 2014

ForeAndAft - The Hottest Men’s Clothing Shop Right Now


I bet you agree that we don’t have enough men’s clothing stores in Beirut -at least not even close to the number of women’s. So boys, open your eyes wide and read on to discover what ForeAndAft has got in store for you. 

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Here is a short tutorial that will teach you three different ways to fold a pocket square. My favorite is the “Straight Fold”. Ladies, learn these and impress your man!

Chanel Shopping Center. We need to discuss.

Bizarre? Yes. Creative? Yes. Would Coco herself have liked it? Probably not.

Some of you might have thought Karl really outdid himself this time and topped off all the previous shows, especially that we’re not expecting something crazy from Louis Vuitton this year, and others might have thought the supermarket idea was a disgrace to the brand’s identity. 

Let’s talk logic. Yes, a brand is supposed to have an identity and should remain true to it, but as time and trends change, the brand has to adapt. Chanel is one of, if not the most, powerful fashion houses there is. No matter how crazy the show is, people will always want Chanel and will always consider Chanel to be elegant. Think about it, the SETTING was a supermarket, but none of those outfits had Teddy Grahams, Hershey’s, McDonalds, or nutrition facts written all over them (i’m referring to Moschino). Six months from now, when the outfits make it to the store, all you will find is typical elegant Chanel suits, Chanel boy bags, and the usual classy looks. So, where’s the big deal? I truely think that the more impact the show leaves on you, the more successful it is to be counted. Whether positive or negative, everyone’s talking about Chanel right now, and THAT means it was a success. 

I perosnally enjoyed the show. I thought it highlighted one of the top trends this year: the mixing of luxe with casual, clashing suits with sneakers. I’d rather see a crazy fashion show with wearable looks, than a normal show with disgusting outfits. Simply.

Jeremy Scott’s First Moschino Collection

As the new creative director of Moschino, Jeremy Scott obviously adds his touch to the brand. At first, my jaw dropped, I’m not sure if it was out of shock or because my mouth was getting ready to take a bite out of that happy meal. Yeah, I was pretty anxious to find out what Scott would do to Moschino, but what he did surely came as a shock. If I really wanted to look like a McDonald’s waitress, I’d get a job at McDonald’s.

The whole McDonald’s/Moschino mash-up actually attracted everyone’s attention; THAT works for Moschino, maybe it would’ve worked more for Cheap & Chic though. The sweater and the satchel are probably already sold out as we speak. And the only woman who could pull off those outfits is Anna Dello Russo, and I think SHE would even look silly. The denim, black and metallic outfits are true to the brand. Spongebob was another shock. Cute, humorous, but definitely not meant to be worn as total looks. And the worst was definitely reserved for last. Between Hershey’s, Teddy Graham, Nutrition Facts, Fruit Loops, Pop Corn, Crackers.. I really couldn’t choose the worst of them all. I would’ve been able to admit Scott did a good job if he left those disturbing dresses out.
Then I ask myself: Does Scott get McDonald’s, SpongeBob, Hersheys and all the other featured labels to SPONSOR his collection? This is a complete advertisement for the brands, do you think he does it for free? If you think about it, it’s become his signature to feature known logos and brands in his collection.
Think about it.

Marc Jacobs RTW FW14 - Loving these full wool ensembles, I’m used to this texture on stockings and hosiery, but Jacobs has now turned them to pants. 

Collaborating with Something Blue


Relax.. it’s just a collaboration!

In case you haven’t heard, Something Blue is a new bridal boutique, located at the end of Gemmeyze, run by the lovely Cynthia Nakhle. When Cynthia proposed the idea of a collaboration, I thought why not. Many friends thought the idea to be bad luck, but I didn’t really mind wearing a wedding dress if it weren’t the real deal. 

I didn’t imagine it would be much trouble when it came down to MY dress, but guess what, its way harder than I thought! Yeah, I did wear something in between safe, pretty and traditional, and decided to spice it up via accessories. Don’t get me wrong, I really love this wedding look, but after seeing the rest of the girls, some in slim fits, others in full lace gowns, it got me thinking “I wanna look like that too!” I think when its time for THE wedding dress, its gonna take quite some time to decide. 

You might think I’m cray-cray for keeping my super casual bracelets on, but hey, doesn’t that keep me looking like myself the most? ;) I’d hate to look made-up and have people not recognize me at my own wedding. And no, I’m not getting a french manicure either. 


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The SAG Awards 2014

And here are the celebs on the red carpet of the 2014 SAG awards:

Amy Adams in Antonio Berardi: beautiful

Anna Gunn in Monique Lhuillier: nice and simple

Jennifer Garner in Max Mara: pretty simple and pretty chic!

Kelly Osbourne in Zac Posen: Love the collar, and that hair color actually works with that dress

Opera Winfrey in Badgely Mischka: Nice! Her figure looks nice!

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The Golden Globes 2014

It’s that time of year again. The 2014 awards season kicks off with The 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards. First off, I couldn’t be happier that Leonardo di Caprio finally won an award after all this time. And as for the ladies, most did a good job on the runway. Here goes…



Amy Poehler in Stella McCartney: Classy

Jessica Chastain in Givenchy: Simple and to the point. I like the drawn-back hair-do. 

Leslie Mann in Dolce & Gabbana: No one does lace like Dolce & Gabbana, thats for sure!

Sofia Vergara in Zac Posen: Flawless as always

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Ideo Parfumeurs, Now Open on Gemmeyze

Gemmeyze Street welcomes the newly opened shop, Ideo Parfumeurs, where you can stop by and treat yourself to an endless amount of good odors, soaps, candles and more. Take the short personality test and find out what notes best suit you. It turns out woody notes are my thing, along with oriental ones. Also, don’t miss out on the Beyrouth candles, they smell like jasmine, just like you expect Beirut to smell like!

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Pierre Hardy’s New Bags

There goes my heart again! Thanks Pierre Hardy for always making my heart skip a beat at the first glance of your new collection. 

Pre-order these two killer bags at luisaviaroma.com. 

Isabel Marant x H&M- Nov.14

Who’s excited about Isabel Marant’s capsule collection for H&M? 

I won’t be able to attend the launching in Beirut with my fellow colleagues since I’ll be in Italy. I wonder how the Italians deal with H&M collaborations. Yes, I WILL wake up early and attend the nearest H&M to me, where ever I end up in italy by then. 

Below are my personal favorite pieces from the collection. Since Isabel Marant chose her favorite pieces from her runway collections to replicate, I did the same myself and chose the closest items that scream ISABEL. I really do love that scarf. 


See the rest of the collection below. 

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The Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience Roundup

I bet most of you heard about the Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience (VFDE) that took place on the 10th of October at The Dubai Mall. Vogue Italia and Emaar joined forces to create this event that aimed to raise money for the Dubai Cares foundation. International celebs flew in to attend the event and auctioned off “experiences” that kind people bought during the gala dinner in order to raise 1million dollars for Dubai Cares. Meanwhile, visitors of The Dubai Mall got the chance to experience a similar vibe to Vogue’s yearly Fashion’s Night Out events. Stores were serving cocktails, spinning great music, had limited offers, etc.. 

Check out my 2-day VFDE experience in pictures below:


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